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Msg # 1522 -> 2006-Apr-08-Saturday 01h28
Nor Bruselas Belgica

You guys are amazing! Keep up the good work!

Msg # 1521 -> 2006-Apr-06-Thursday 18h13
Marina Fuerte Olimpo Paraguay

Greetings to all!­ I wish to establish same guestbook.
What should I make for this purpose? It works without

Msg # 1520 -> 2006-Apr-06-Thursday 17h18
John Ereván Armenia

Very good site, congratulations!!!!!

Msg # 1519 -> 2006-Apr-05-Wednesday 16h00
Chueco La paz Bolivia

Thank you for the site, I love it..... :- D

Msg # 1518 -> 2006-Apr-04-Tuesday 01h34
Jenny Town Hall Monaco

Hey !! ...... Never and I do mean NEVER give up hope!

Msg # 1517 -> 2006-Apr-03-Monday 21h54
Karen Quebec Canada

Simply an outstanding job! keep up the good work!

Msg # 1516 -> 2006-Apr-03-Monday 15h36
Coco Rio Brasil

Hello! have much fun with your brandnew Guestbook! Best

Msg # 1515 -> 2006-Apr-03-Monday 02h40
Hanira Paramaribo Surinam

U\'ve done it yourselves?! GREAT! Already put your site
in bookmarks:)

Msg # 1514 -> 2006-Apr-02-Sunday 19h01
Mario Kingston Jamaica

Brilliant very concise source of Knowledge.

Msg # 1513 -> 2006-Apr-02-Sunday 01h11
Marcelo Valletta Malta

Nice site, very well done congratulations

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