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Msg # 1694 -> 2007-Mar-23-Friday 12h41

this is good site for IT CERTIFICATIONS and we can replace
exam to get it certification

Msg # 1687 -> 2007-Mar-11-Sunday 17h31
Mr. Test

Hello to all from Mr. Test

Msg # 1684 -> 2007-Mar-10-Saturday 10h46
Unknown Unknown Unknown

Looks great! I found lots of intresting things here. Many
thanks. Nice site. Cheers!

Msg # 1679 -> 2007-Mar-09-Friday 14h49
Otmar NYC

nice site

Msg # 1678 -> 2007-Mar-08-Thursday 15h14
Zagreb Croatia

Nice place have here

Msg # 1670 -> 2007-Feb-27-Tuesday 17h11
Elix Yogyakarta Indonesia

how to build a web server with borland
Delphi..? have you any source code about this
problem? ofcourse with Delphi6 or
Delphi7. thanks alot

Msg # 1667 -> 2007-Feb-20-Tuesday 06h52
Rose Lee Manila Phillipines

I love this site ihope to kantot with many

Msg # 1666 -> 2007-Feb-20-Tuesday 06h45
Rose Lee Manila Phillipines

You may kantot me and thankfull for this site. I hope to
Kantot with as many programmers.

Msg # 1665 -> 2007-Feb-16-Friday 11h34
robert Rotterdam Netherlands

nice site!

Msg # 1664 -> 2007-Feb-15-Thursday 22h35
jonny3 jonny18 jonny12


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