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Msg # 1734 -> 2007-Nov-17-Saturday 18h53
jack wallace torrington

as the product manager for motors and drives, I had the
pleasure of conducting seminars across the USA ,Canada and
Europe. In those days, 1969-1975,we were the leader in our
field. I completed my career at Superior in 1997 as
Marketing Manager,Motion Control. In their day, Superior was
a great company to work for and I treasure the memories of
the wonderful people and innovative products.
Jack Wallace
1968-81, 1997-1997
Now Marketing Manager/Tech. Support
Bodine Electric Co.

Msg # 1732 -> 2007-Nov-09-Friday 04h08
Blong Rosolok Thailand

I tried this book but it keeps saying no spam. turn off the
spam filter so I can put the message here morons!

Msg # 1731 -> 2007-Nov-05-Monday 03h11
mike la

Just to say hi

Msg # 1729 -> 2007-Oct-25-Thursday 10h53
fdsgb dfnb

† B[4]r7` for president.™ †

Msg # 1725 -> 2007-Sep-08-Saturday 14h16
martin gardner auckland new zealand

What a trip down memory lane, I used to work at a
production engineering shop in auckland new zealand in the
mid seventies producing components for the marine
industry.We had three (british made) beaver milling machines
fitted with slo syn motors to the x and y axis leadscrews
and a pnuematic setup called a spindle wizard with a
rotating depth stop drum. We used to remove the x axis motor
and fit it to a rotary table for one job and then swap it
with the y axis motor for another operation, it wa

Msg # 1723 -> 2007-Aug-14-Tuesday 14h54
Raman Aurora

Great site!! Went through it and found some interesting
stuff.I'm not into the same kind of thing but make sure
you check out mine.

Msg # 1722 -> 2007-Aug-12-Sunday 02h11
Domink Zielona Góra Poland

EN: First time and I am under
impression PL: Pierszy raz i jestem pod wrażeniem

Msg # 1720 -> 2007-Aug-01-Wednesday 04h52

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Msg # 1719 -> 2007-Jul-26-Thursday 04h35
Eric The Random

Wow man! Nice programs! I just got Delphi 7, do you think
you could teach me programing?

Msg # 1717 -> 2007-Jul-05-Thursday 22h15
ayatc izmir turkey

good job, thanks.

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