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Msg # 1816 -> 2016-Aug-31-Wednesday 10h42
Jan Frings Zutphen Netherlands

Ik had wat problemen met Sphider. Deze website was,
afgezien van Spiders Phorum, een waar ik veel aan had. En
ook verder erg inspirerend!

Msg # 1810 -> 2016-Feb-09-Tuesday 21h39

Excusez-moi, mon Français est mauvais, je suis

Msg # 1808 -> 2016-Jan-03-Sunday 03h30
Ronald H Moore po box 1900 Ruskin Fl 33575

I made many friends and had fun times with fantastic sales
successes while managing the northern California office
from March of 1968 to July of 1978

There should be more companies today like

Msg # 1806 -> 2014-May-05-Monday 08h55
randki Poland

interesting page greetings !!! :0

Msg # 1805 -> 2014-Mar-23-Sunday 05h31


Msg # 1804 -> 2014-Mar-16-Sunday 22h43

Nice website Thanks

Msg # 1803 -> 2014-Jan-16-Thursday 19h11
Ronald Hervey Moore Ruskin Florida USA

I worked for Superior Electric from 1968 to 1978
and enjoyed my job in Redwood City Ca covering nine
northwestern states. Oh those trade shows.
Thanks Burr Deming for taking a chance on hiring me and
thanks to Oliver W Holmes for teaching me so much. What a
great 10 years.

Msg # 1802 -> 2013-Nov-06-Wednesday 10h33
Gray Europe Germany

I like the Website

Msg # 1801 -> 2013-Jul-20-Saturday 20h22

Nice site, Good luck !!

Msg # 1800 -> 2013-May-06-Monday 16h43

nog een mooi woord: krijsdragon !

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