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Log # 10 -> 2004-Jan-19-Monday --- Transport Tycoon section ready...

Good news for the transport tycoon fans.

Thanks to the Christmas holidays I could make two more transport tycoon pages. It are the last ten years 2040 to 2050 ( Finalization ) and my Evaluation page

Because of some pages are very long, maybe I go to make a new page with for each year an overview where the number of vehicles, bank balance etc. can be seen. Also there will be a link to view just only on year. In my opinion, this will be more user friendly than the very long pages I have now. However, the existing pages remains, the new ones will be in addition.

If you think this is a good idea, let me know via the contact page.


Log # 9 -> 2003-Dec-29-Monday --- New Tansport Tycoon page

Great news,
A new page for the Transport Tycoon section is done. The link is here

It describes the years 2030 to 2040. This page is as the others with lot of images and very long. I hope that you enjoy it.


Log # 8 -> 2003-Nov-30-Sunday --- Popups


I don't like Popups therefore I made one myself. It is only shown with
Internet Explorer, not in other browsers.
For more information go to the Popup Info Page:

Log # 7 -> 2003-Nov-16-Sunday --- Delphi Program: File Histogram

New Delphi Program : File Histogram

This program makes a Histogram of the byte contents of a file. It reads a file
and counts the bytes inside that file. Then it places the counted bytes in a
graph with one bar for each byte. The longest bar represents the highest number
of bytes. It starts with byte $00 on the left side and ends wit $FF on the

Log # 6 -> 2003-Oct-22-Wednesday --- Page Comment possible


Yes, there is something new on this site. I have seen so many sites where one can
put comment on a page, that I decided to make something similar.
Now, the bottom of almost each page has a link that opens a small form to enter
page comment.
You cannot give comment on the comment pages. Maybe later I will make something
to react on an existing comment.

Thanks for visiting this site and good surfing.


Log # 5 -> 2003-Oct-09-Thursday --- News information system


Today I've setup a system to inform visitors about new stuff on this site.
To do so, I use this changelog. If there is anything new, there comes a small
"new" icon on all pages.
It remains new for 14 days, then it will remove itself automatically, al least I
aspect that it works like that.


Log # 4 -> 2003-Oct-08-Wednesday --- MySQL Guestbook

The guestbook is updated, it is now done with MySQL and no more tables!!!!

Log # 3 -> 2003-Oct-05-Sunday --- GET or POST

I found an interesting article on about the use of get and post:

URIs, Addressability, and the use of HTTP GET and POST

Therefore I've changed the link pages. Before the sort on name, url and count was done via post, now I use get.
It's much better. Now the sorted page can be bookmarked and comes always back in the same sort order.


Log # 2 -> 2003-Oct-03-Friday --- New Changelog version

By the way, this view changelog page is a tableless version of the guestbook, So that will also be changed very soon.

Log # 1 -> 2003-Oct-03-Friday --- Site Changelog


Welcome to my site changelog.
In fact it is not only for the visitors of this site, to see what was changed, but also for myself.
Now I have a place where I can put the documentation of the updates.
So the first update to mention is this changelog: it works!


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