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Log # 47 -> 2013-Aug-18-Sunday --- Site disappeared

Friday morning 16 August 2013 my site disappeared from the server. It was somewhere between 4 and 5. At 4 the Apache log was still OK, but after 5 there were only 404 errors.
The ftp log showed only me.
When I checked the site I found only an empty directory, about 7000 files (600Mb) all gone.
So I still don't know what happened.
However, it's all back.

Log # 46 -> 2012-Sep-20-Thursday --- It works again !

Since February 2012 two php generated images were not working anymore. I discovered it only a few weeks age and it took me quite some time to get it working again.
Please when you see an error, send me a message via the contact page.
Thanks a lot.

Log # 45 -> 2011-May-28-Saturday --- Spam Counter

Still doing repair of some small things :
Today I repaired the Spam Counter on the Sign Guest Book page.

Log # 44 -> 2011-Jan-31-Monday --- Good progress has moved and it was not too bad.
There were some problems, mostly because some old files were used, but now they are replaced by their latest version.
If you see any problem, please use the contact page.

Log # 43 -> 2010-Dec-26-Sunday --- New WebHosting

This site will be moved to another Hosting Company.
It may give some interruptions.
First Jan 2011 it should all be OK.

Log # 42 -> 2009-Dec-15-Tuesday --- Slo Syn Motor Finder

In the Slo Syn Motor Finder you can find (almost) all Superior Electric (Slo-Syn) motors; AC, DC etc

Slo Syn Motor Finder

Log # 41 -> 2009-Aug-24-Monday --- Page test

Trying to improve some small things...

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