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Why my Delphi programs on Internet ?

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The idea for My Home page came while reading a topic in the Delphi Forum of the Dutch HCC Pascal GG. The title of this topic was:

"Eens een keer heel wat anders: Post je programma(s)".

This is a very interesting topic; you can see what others do with their Delphi knowledge. Since Internet is the ultimate medium to share such knowledge every Delphi programmer should make his programs available on Internet.

Since there were already many pictures in that topic and the loading time was already quite long, I decided to place my programs on my own home page. The result of this you can see in this section of "Wimpies Home Page".
All programs are made with Delphi 4.

To make these pages I used my Delphi program called "Application Note Generator". Original this was made to publish Motion Control applications on a CDROM. After some tests and a few modifications of the program is was found also good to be used for these Delphi Pages.

This program makes most of the HTML codes, but as usual some manual edit is still necessary, like for this email picture below.
Click on "Delphi Index" to find my programs. Each page has four buttons at the bottom to download the program, the source code and other files.

PID: 2000 CLT: 0.001 LMD: 2013-Aug-17

Updated 2007 Oct. 09