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This program is the Delphi version of the old "WETA" DOS program. The WETA stands for Warner Electric Test Assistant. It can be used for communication with the Slo-Syn motion controls, like the 3180-EPI, SS2000I and now with the SS2000D6i.

This program was daily used. It replaces several other programs, which works under DOS. Most of them are not compatible with high-speed computers and with Windows NT and Windows 2000. This WBTA program runs on all Windows computers. In addition it can make a LOG file from the terminal communication. This is not in any of the other programs. The program has a selection box for the last ten commands and also an auto repeat to send a command with a fixed time interval.

Main screen with EOI L parameters
EPI I/O test

EPI I/O Test

This is one of my popular forms; it is used to test the 3180-EPI Inputs and Outputs.

TDC I/O test

TDC I/O Test

In Feb. 2002 there are two more I/O test forms ready. One for the TDC and one for the Warpdrives.

Scan for indexers

Scan for Indexers

The Indexer Scan screen. This scanning is also improved. Now it can be used for the PI/EPI and for the TDC and Warpdrive.



The WBTA Communication Program uses the excellent TComPort component made by Dejan Crnila. This ComPort component can be found at

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PID: 2011 CLT: 0.002 LMD: 2013-Aug-17

Updated 2007 Oct. 09