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The intention of this program is to make the Superior Electric PI and EPI Microseries indexers programming experts familial with the Warpdrive series motion controls.

G-Code to SEBasic - Main screen

When you know how a PI program looks like, then it can be seen how the translation to a Warpdrive program is done. This translation is not always error free.

However, if the PI program was made in a "clean" way, then the Warpdrive task will be good to compile and run.

A manual check of the configuration is ALWAYS required.
For example this conversion program does not do the motor current setting.

G-Code to SEBasic - view the Task

The program reads a PI/EPI program file that must contain the "L" parameters and the program itself. Please have a look at one of the data files. The program must be in "G" code format. The MS1 format cannot be used. Then it converts it to a task and s project file for the SS2000D3i.

A few lines of the converted task file. This task, together with the project file must be compiled with the MCPI program and then downloaded in the new SS2000D3i.

The conversion itself is not very intelligent. It does not cover the serial communication. Also with the new units a modification of the program via the serial interface is not possible. Also the connection of an SSP525 (hand held terminal) is not possible.

Project File (PRJ) First the project file is made in according to the "L" parameters of the PI program. For example, the units are set by the L70 parameter. L70 of 1 gives 200 steps per motor revolution; the units are set to 200. For L70 = 2 the units are set to 400 etc. The accel and decel are set by the L11 value; the speed by L09 and L12 gives the value for LOWSPD.

Task File (TSK) The (E)PI program is processed line by line. From each line the G, X and F values are read and the proper translation is done according to these values. If there is no G90 or G91 code then the last positioning mode is used.

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PID: 2002 CLT: 0.002 LMD: 2013-Aug-17

Updated 2007 Oct. 09