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Several times I had some problems with my computer. Did I delete this whole directory or did someone else use my computer? How many times it crashes par month? This program is made to get an answer on these questions.

The program must be automatically called from the "Startup" section. Then it logs when your computer is switched on and off and when it crashes. To store the data the program uses a small database in DB4 format.

Records types

1 - Started
When the program starts it adds a record with the date, the time and with "Started" as remark.
2 - Running
Immediate after that it adds another record with also the date and time, but with the remark "Running".
3 - Running...
This last record is modified every 6 minutes, the date and time are updated and the remark is changed in "Running..."
4 - Shut Down
When the computer is shut down then a last record is added with date and time and the remark: "Shut Down".
5 - Crash
After a crash, the standard shutdown did not work and the last record will have "Running" as remark. So, during startup of the program this last record is checked, and when it contains the "Running" remark then an extra record is added with the same date and time, but with the remark: "Crash"

Menu ¦ File

This contains the following items:

File ¦ Pack Table
Special during test it can be necessary to delete some records. After that the DBF table can be a bit mixed-up. After the use of this Pack Table command the table is cleaned. To delete a record, select it and then press Control Delete at the same time.

File ¦ CSV Export
Here you can export the whole table to a comma-separated file that can be read by Excel. It is not yet functional and maybe this comes never, because Excel can read direct the DBF table.

File ¦ Exit
Exit the program

Menu ¦ Setup

The setup information is all saved in an INI file in the same directory as the program.

Run normal
The program runs like any other normal program. The Form is visible on the screen and when it is minimized, the Icon is visible in the taskbar

System tray
The program starts normal, but when minimized it the Icon is only visible in the System Tray and not in the taskbar.

Run hidden
After the start of the program it is immediately minimized and it is not shown on the taskbar nor in the System tray.
The only way to show the program is to go via the start menu to the startup and then restart the complog program.


  •  6 records
  • 12 records
  • 18 records

Here you can set the number of visible records.


  • Copy the complog.exe to a for you convenient directory.
  • Go via the "Start" menu to "parameters" and then to "taskbar".
  • Then go to "Advanced"
  • Look in the section "Programs" for the "Startup" directory.
  • Make there a new shortcut that is linked to the complog.exe.

As you can see, I use a French Windows version.

2017-04-15 - Update
During the update of the last record the date was never changed. So I did a little correction and now it seem to be correct.
TDBF Component

This program is made with the tDBF component from Pascal GANAYE, now maintained by Micha Nelissen. The website with the component and forum is here

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PID: 2020 CLT: 0.002 LMD: 2017-Apr-15

Updated 2007 Oct. 09