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Baby Type

Baby Type icon If you are a computer fan and you have a baby, then with this program these two can be combined. All you need is a Windows computer and a baby who can hit at the keyboard.

Main screen

Main screen

For each key press there comes a character on the screen.

It looks like the baby types something.

Make sure that the keyboard is strong enough and don't blame me when some keys are disappeared.

The program

Baby Type icon The program is made with Delphi 4. You only have to copy it to your computer. In addition to the program there are a few data files and the help file.
The data files are sample text files for the program. If the data files are not found, then the program uses an internal text, which is the same as can be found in the English data file.

Typing baby

Recommended age to use this program?

The baby needs to be capable of hitting the keyboard and he or she should not be so old that someone can think that it is a real typing baby.

Of course when you have no baby, you can try to train your dog or your cat, why not?

File menu

File ¦ New
Clears the screen and restarts the active text file.

File ¦ Open
A text file can be selected to replace the standard file.

File ¦ Save
Nothing can be saved. It is just added to make the program looks complete.

File ¦ Exit
To exit the program.


Baby Type icon The program file, the data files and the help file can be copied to any convenient place on a Windows computer. When the data files are missing then the program will use the internal data and then save this in the default file: babytype.txt. This file can be edited with a simple editor like Notepad.


Baby Type icon BabyType , version 2.0 --- 16.05.2003

This is the Windows version of one of my first Turbo Pascal DOS programs. That first version was made around 1985 - yes, just after my first child was born.

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PID: 2023 CLT: 0.002 LMD: 2013-Aug-17

Updated 2007 Oct. 09