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HTML tagStripper An HTML file can have a lot of useless tags inside, like the FONT tag. If we want to improve such a document, at least all font tags must be removed and replaced by CSS. This program can remove tags or make them empty.

Also when we look at an HTML file, made by a Microsoft product like Word or Excel, then, in many cases there is a lot of unneeded stuff. In such a case it is good to remove all attributes from, for example the "P" and "TD" tags.

Setup screen of the HTML tagstripper View Setup


The TagStripper program has three ways to setup the tags.

Load from an HTML File
When the tags are read from an HTML file then they go all to the left window. Then they must be moved to the "Tags to be Removed", or to the "Tags to make Empty" window. Then this setup can be saved in a tag save file, with the extension .tag

Open a previous saved tag setup file
When a tag save file is opened, the tags are direct placed in the correct windows. However, when needed it can be modified and saved.

Load automatically the default file: tagstripper.tag
The tagstripper.tag file has a standard tag save file format and can be freely modified.


This tags can be removed tags or made empty.

Remove tags : <td class=xl26>1630 Bulle</td> Becomes : 1630 Bulle

Empty tags : <td class=xl26>1630 Bulle</td> Becomes: <td>1630 Bulle</td>

HTML tagStripper Main Screen View HTML


In the HTML window the HTML file can be viewed. The result of a Tag strip is direct visible in this window.
With "HTML Save" its content is saved to file.

Bugs and Remarks

The program has some bugs.
Sometimes not all the <p> tags were removed the first time.
A few <p>; were found after a StripTag command.
A second Striptag command removed all <p> tags.
If the error can be reproduced it will be fixed.


The program file and the help file can be copied to any convenient place on a Windows computer. No additional files or DLL's are needed.

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PID: 2027 CLT: 0.002 LMD: 2013-Aug-17

Updated 2007 Oct. 09