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This program converts a motion control program for the (obsolete) SS1000 to the new TDC330/08. Please note that this program was never finished, just because there was no one who needs it. However it can be used, it translates most of the SS1000 programs without any error. But when you use it then it is your responsibility to avoid a machine crash or any other damage.

SS1000 program listing The SS1000 gives you the opportunity to program and control the position of 1 axis system. You can define a home position and use safety switches, reach different programmed positions, call different programmed moves, wait for an input and set outputs.

The figure on the right shows a part of a program in SS1000 code.

SS1000 program, converted to MCPI basic


The best is to replace also the drive.
For example an SS1000 and a SAG amplifier can be replaced by a TDC330/04/08. Also the motor has to be changed to an encoder version.

This is the same section of the SS1000 program, but now translated to the MCPI Basic for the TDC.

In January 2002 a real program was translated.
Found was that all the I/O instructions must be inverted.

OUT(1) = 0 should be: OUT(1) = 1

This can be dependent of the I/O setting of the original SS1000 program.

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PID: 2003 CLT: 0.002 LMD: 2013-Aug-17

Updated 2007 Oct. 09