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Step by Step

Philips Senior

Shortwave receiver - 2010

Schematic Diagram of a two meter AM transmitter

2 meter AM transmitter with Tubes

One meter Counter for 2CV

Two Meter SSB Tranceiver

Part of block diagram with link to page

IR Remote Control

SC/MP Computer

6809 FLEX Computer

Frequency Counter

About my Electronic Projects

This page gives some short description of my Electronics Projects which I've made in the past. Some of them will be very complete - because I still have them; and some of them I wrote just down to not forget them, because they are all lost. The projects from where I still have a lot of information, do have their own pages, the others have just a small description on this page.

The first step

1 - Step by Step

This was my very first radio. It was a small kit to build "Step by Step" a transistor radio. This kit was from the Dutch company "AMROH". I used it for many years, to listen in bed to the radio. It had a nice blue housing. After it was broken, it was still used; a good place to put my glasses on.

2 - Philips Senior


Philips logo

3 - Shortwave receiver - 2010

This was a design of Philips made in about 1962. It was a receiver for the Radio Amateur Shortwave bands, the 80, 40, 20, 15 1nd 10 meter bands.

4 - Two meter AM transmitter with Tubes

This was built after I got my licence. It used Amplitude Modulation. There is no photo, only a bad copy of the schematic diagram. The power tubes were QQE 03/12. Don't use this diagram to make a new one.

5 - One meter Counter for 2CV


6 - Two Meter SSB Tranceiver


Nixie Tube showing a 3

7 - Digital Clock with Nixies

Around 1971 we got the first series of TTL IC's from Texas Instruments. But what to do with these very nice looking black things? Since I was always interested in clocks, I decided to make a digital clock. Now, in 2008, it is still up and running without any problem.


8 - Infra Red Remote Control

This Infra Red Remote Control was made in 1983. Therefore some of the components may look a bit outdated. The intention was to make an example application for a small single board computer, in this case with an MK14.

9 - SC/MP Computer


A - 6809 FLEX Computer


B - Frequency Counter


C - Test Racks


PID: 12000 CLT: 0.001 LMD: 2013-Aug-17

Updated 2007 Oct. 09