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About my Hobbies

Reading Books

I'm still crazy about reading, books, newspapers, magazines everything is good. However, now with Internet the time is very limited. Newspapers can be found on Internet even as many interesting Forums. Life is too short. Please loot at my book page to see my favorite, mostly Dutch books.


I've built a lot of stuff. Too many to describe here all. It started with a small kit to build a "Step by Step" transistor radio. This kit was from the Dutch company "AMROH". From all the things I've made, I took a few projects to put on my site. It's all in the Electronics section.

My Cars

Opel Record

Citroen 2CV, red

Citroen 2CV, white

Citroen 2CV, bleu

Citroen Dyane, orange

Lada, green

Daewoo Nexia, red

updated: wimb 05.09.2003

My Cars

Well, this is not really my hobby, but sometimes someone asks me: "what cars did you have?" I tell them that my first car was an "Opel Record" made in 1959. How did it look do you have a photo? Yes, I have, but I've no idea where it is. So, now nobody should ask me anymore: it's all on my site.

  • Opel record - 1959
  • Citroen 2CV, red - 1958
  • Citroen 2CV, white - 19xx
  • Citroen 2CV, bleu- 19xx
  • Citroen Dyane, orange - 19xx
  • Lada, green - 19xx
  • Daewoo Nexia, red - 19xx

The colors from the Citroens are a bit special: red, white and blue are the colors of the Dutch flag, while orange is the color of the Royal Family. It was done without any planning, but it makes it for me easy to remember these colors.
That's it for the moment, I go to look for the photos and you will see them here sometime.

Amateur Radio

This was one of my biggest hobbies - I got all possible Dutch licenses, the technical one and that other ugly one wherefore you need to know Morse. My callsign was PA0IWH.
I've built a lot of equipment, from my first crystal radio, without transistors, to a two meter SSB transceiver with digital frequency readout. Of course, at the end of this hobby all stuff came right out of the box, no home made stuff anymore. Now it is more or less replaced by Internet. When I have some time I will make a photo page.




My Site

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