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Find your Personality

Sometime in your life you can have some questions:

  • shall I start my own company?
  • shall I move to another country?
  • shall I take that other job?
  • do I really want that one-year holiday?

What to do?

In such a case it is very good to find out what you want to do with the rest of your life.

This test may help you to understand yourself a bit better.

This personal assessment test makes it possible to identify and formalize your personal qualities and capabilities which you will give the opportunity to develop yourself within the framework of your future life and/or employment. It is what one also calls social competences. They often represent your "extra" or your "added" value that you are able to offer to your future employer.

At the End of the Test

At the end of this test, you will be able of:

  • To identify your necessary knowledge and competences for your professional environment
  • To validate or confirm your favorite professional sectors
  • To define your possible functions within the framework of your future employment
  • To get some ideas about a possible professional change

Next Pages

On the next pages you will find two sections:

  • What are your favorite activities? - 120 questions
  • What do you like to do? - 60 questions


Answer the questions, which appears on these pages. Answer spontaneously, without taking in account the realities of the market.
A checked checkbox means "Yes", I like this activity, or I like this profession. Un unchecked checkbox means "no", I don't like this activity or this profession.

After the test you will be able to see the result, with your most favorite things at the top.

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