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Lausanne kids

Randonnées en Suisse romande

Canis Pension

Basel Walkers

La Bonne Combine

Families in Zurich

Expats in Zurich

Signal de Bougy

Hike Switzerland

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English Forum Hits: 3550   -   Avg: 0.80

English Forum about Switzerland

Lausanne kids Hits: 2422   -   Avg: 0.41

For those living in or moving to the Lausanne area who have children:

Randonnées en Suisse romande Hits: 2044   -   Avg: 0.38

Vous pouvez choisir la balade qui vous plaît. A ce jour, 1559 différentes balades au choix !

Canis Pension Hits: 1293   -   Avg: 0.38

CanisPension - where you can send your dog on a holiday in the fields around Geneva.

Basel Walkers Hits: 2235   -   Avg: 0.37

For those living in the Basel area who would like to get together with others for walks around the areas:

La Bonne Combine Hits: 1470   -   Avg: 0.37

La Bonne Combine n'est pas une brocante ou un simple magasin de seconde main. La Bonne Combine c'est d abord un esprit anti-gaspillage et c'est dans cet esprit que nous mettons en vente des appareils d'occasion.

Families in Zurich Hits: 2030   -   Avg: 0.34

A non-interactive informational group for families in the Zurich area:

Expats in Zurich Hits: 2025   -   Avg: 0.34

For those living in or moving to the Zurich area:

Signal de Bougy Hits: 1719   -   Avg: 0.33

Entre Lausanne et Genève, dans un cadre de verdure de 110 ha et à une altitude de 707 m, le Parc Pré Vert du Signal de Bougy est ouvert à tous gratuitement!

Hike Switzerland Hits: 1898   -   Avg: 0.32

For those living in Switzerland who would like to connect with others for hikes:

Swiss Schooling Hits: 1851   -   Avg: 0.31

For those with children in the local State schools:

Basel Expat Hits: 1838   -   Avg: 0.31

For those living in or moving to the Basel area:

Classic Swiss Wooden Roofs Hits: 1631   -   Avg: 0.30

"Tavillon" is a French word for a small piece of wood that is used to make beautiful roof covers in Switzerland. On this site you can find a lot of photos from buildings with these "Tavillons".

Swiss Information Hits: 1785   -   Avg: 0.30

The best place to get information about Switzerland

SUGUS - Homepage Hits: 1604   -   Avg: 0.29

Aus dem schönen, schmucken Zürcher-Oberländerdorf Hombrechtikon

Swiss Shanti foundation Hits: 1529   -   Avg: 0.29

The name SHANTI means PEACE in Sanskrit. Indeed, we seek to bring a little peace in the extremely difficult life of these children living in an unacceptable misery.

Basel Parenting Hits: 1708   -   Avg: 0.29

For parents in the Basel area:

Ballenberg - Switzerland as it once was Hits: 1281   -   Avg: 0.28

With more than 100 original century-old buildings from all over Switzerland, historical gardens and fields, demonstrations of typical crafts, many special events and 250 native farmyard animals.

Bern Area Hits: 1672   -   Avg: 0.28

For those living in or moving to the Bern area:

Bolo's Computer Museum Hits: 1512   -   Avg: 0.28

Le Bolo's Computer Museum est une collection privée d'anciens ordinateurs située à Lausanne, en Suisse.

Corporate Expat Families Hits: 1630   -   Avg: 0.27

For those being moved to Switzerland by an employer:

Randonature Hits: 1292   -   Avg: 0.27 a le plaisir de vous présenter son tout nouveau site! N'hésitez pas à nous faire part de vos commentaires, désirs, suggestions...

Geneva Expats Hits: 1497   -   Avg: 0.25

For those living in or moving to the Geneva area:

BRAVO - Game Downloads Hits: 1038   -   Avg: 0.25

Galaxy Jump and Smoke Attack are two examples of the Games you can find here.

Swiss News and Information Hits: 1300   -   Avg: 0.24

SwissInfo is to inform Swiss abroad about events in their homeland and to raise awareness of Switzerland in other countries. They achieves this through its internet platform - - which is available in nine languages.

Over 1000 webcams Hits: 1098   -   Avg: 0.24

over 1000 webcams in Switzerland

SilverSpoon Hits: 1452   -   Avg: 0.24

For those interested in Swiss cooking:

English Speakers Hits: 1372   -   Avg: 0.23

For those women living in or moving to the Central Swiss cantons of Nidwalden, Obwalden and Luzern:

Geneva Expats Hits: 1351   -   Avg: 0.22

For those living in or moving to the Lake Geneva area:

JoyLuck Club in Switzerland Hits: 1338   -   Avg: 0.22

"Meet & Greet" ladies only club for those living in Switzerland:

Aupairs in Switzerland Hits: 1322   -   Avg: 0.22

Au Pairs in Switzerland Yahoo! group:

The Swiss Portal Hits: 1094   -   Avg: 0.22

The site of the Swiss administration, made in 5 languages.

Swiss American Cafe Hits: 1299   -   Avg: 0.22

For those North Americans living in Switzerland:

EcoPop Hits: 0587   -   Avg: 0.17

Stopp der Überbevölkerung Zur Sicherung der natürlichen Lebensgrundlagen Das hohe Bevölkerungswachstum (multipliziert mit dem Konsumverhalten) in der Schweiz und anderen Ländern belastet die Umwelt, vermindert die Lebensqualität

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