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Motion Control Applications
At this moment you can have a look to a series of motion control application notes from stepper and servo motors. There is also a page with links. There are more pages in the planning.

There are four different sorted indexes and, at the bottom of each page, there is a quick jump select box.

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Motion Control related programs made in Delphi

Stepper Motor Demo Stepper Motor Demo You want to have a stepping motor on your screen? Look here is one. It is the most simple motor you can imagine, but it works like a real one.
RS232 Communication Program RS232 Communication Program A RS232 terminal program with built-in facilities for communication with Superior Electric motion controls. The program has also some automatic test features for these units.
Elterm 24 Emulator Elterm 24 Emulator This is a computer version from a small "Operator Interface Panel". it does the same, but cost less. it is very nice for testing.
Cable Selector Cable Selector Which cable belongs to which motor and drive? This program can give you the right type. Before to be used, make sure all of the data is correct.
SEBasic to HTML SEBasic to HTML After making programs for Superior Electric motion control, I would put them on Internet. However, the result was only some plain text. this program does the conversion from this plain text to colored HTML.
SS1000 to TDC SS1000 to TDC This program converts one motion control programming language in to another one.
G-Code to SEBasic Convert "G Codes" like G90 X2000 F250 to a new type programming language. It handles distance, speed and In and Outputs. Not the serial communication.
Torque Calculator made to replace an Excel spreadsheet. It does not work properly..
Delphi Program Info Information about My Delphi Programs
Why are they on Internet? You can read it here.
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