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SNC400D Drilling Machine

The SNC400D Drilling Machine is designed to meet the requirement for efficient precision drilling of large number of holes in printed circuit boards or other flat stock. It has four precise heads with electrically driven spindles and air-hydraulic downfeed. Set in line for easy operator access, the heads contain means for complete control of downfeed rate, stroke, speed (up to 45,000 rpm) and vertical or lateral position.

Centrifugal chucks combine high concentricity with rapid change of standard 1/8" taper shank carbide drills. Using the standard point-to-point SLO-SYN Numerical Control, the machine can drill holes ranging from' 1/8" to #80 at up to 80 cycles per minute in stacks of flat material up to 1/4" depth on all four stations. Air driven, high frequency or other spindles can also be specified.

PID: 10058 CLT: 0.015 LMD: 2013-Aug-17

Updated 2007 Oct. 09